FoundationDx is partnering with organizations interested in discovering new value in their data to rapidly drive outcomes.

Please contact us if interested in a research agreement which covers:

  1. data mining activity to expose relationships within your data associated with outcomes of interest
  2. the degree of predictivity within your data.

 Current research and pilot programs include:

  1. HCAHPS scores improvement through tactical process adjustment from learned outcome factors
  2. Drug and alcohol recovery program optimal candidate selection and Left Without Completing Treatment (LWCT) prediction
  3. Anomaly detection in clinical data - and are there associations with clinical outcomes and/or cost?
  4. Anomaly detection in network activity logs
  5. Metabolic Dysfunction Risk Prediction among heterogeneous populations
    • Obesity is NOT a clear-cut indicator of chronic disease risk or metabolic dysfunction
      • What sub-population patterns are associated with higher risk for metabolic dysfunction and chronic disease
    • Understand your population metabolic risk in a new way
      • Use existing lab data - such as HgA1C, fasting insulin and glucose, triglycerides, HDL, LDLa, calcium scores, inflammatory markers, etc.
    • Provide personalized lifestyle and treatment recommendations
      • Consider the patterns in an individual's data as opposed to just looking at measures and limits


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